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The MicroCTvlab is a service which was created in order to present and disseminate  micro-CT (micro-computed tomography) datasets through the framework of the LifeWatchGreece project (  This service offers virtual galleries and online tools for the 3D manipulation of the micro-CT datasets. The creation and dissemination of these "cyber-specimens" aim to contribute to a massive digitization of biological collections.

Homepage - On the main page of the Micro-CTvlab a preview of the micro-CT datasets is presented. These datasets represent a variety of biological and biomedical samples which are scanned with different parameters.

General Info - By clicking a dataset, a short description of the specimen and its classification details are shown.  Furthermore, a series of 3D images of the specimen and other related datasets are presented. A search button is also available, allowing to search for datasets by species name, sample type and contrast enhancement method.


3D Visualization - By clicking the 3D visualization tab, the Slice:Drop software ( is activated where the user can manipulate (rotate, zoom, change colours)  the micro-CT dataset and see it in 3D. For guidelines for the use of Slice:Drop click the help button in the 3D visualization tab.

3D Visualization

Video - By clicking the video tab,  the micro-CT dataset can be previewed through a short  3D animation. The interior and exterior parts of the specimen are visualized through these videos so the user can view the content of the dataset without having to download the whole set of files.  

Metadata -  By clicking the metadata tab, the metadata of a specific dataset are presented. Furthermore, the user has the ability to download the original micro-CT dataset and the relevant images and videos. 

Metadata Help

A metadata catalague of all the micro-CT datasets are presented in the Metadata tab on the main page. A search button is also available, allowing to search for metadata by species name, sample type, contrast enhancement method and filter used in the scanning procedure.

Metadata Help Full

Creative Commons License
The content of the microCTvlab by HCMR micro-CT lab is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

If you use MicroCTvlab in a publication, please cite:  Keklikoglou K, Faulwetter S, Chatzinikolaou E, Michalakis N, Filiopoulou I, Minadakis N, Panteri E, Perantinos G, Gougousis A, Arvanitidis C (2016) Micro-CTvlab: A web based virtual gallery of biological specimens using X-ray microtomography (micro-CT). Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e8740.