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Eunice roussaei (Polychaeta)

AnnelidaPolychaetaEunicidaEunicidaeEuniceEunice roussaei

General Info

General Info
Scientific Name: 
Eunice roussaei

Micro-CT was performed to a parapod of Eunice roussaei (Polychaeta). This specimen was fixed and preserved in formalin. Specimen was dried with HMDS for 2 hours. Scan was performed with a Skyscan 1172 at a voltage of 60kV and 167μΑ without filter for a full rotation of 360o . This specimen was scanned at the highest camera resolution with an exposure time of 1155ms. This scan was performed for a visualization of chaetae ( Specimen was provided by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and scanned by Sarah Faulwetter. The original dataset is available in

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