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This endpoint retrieves all the microCT datasets from a Specific Species

HTTP Request

GET taxonomy/species/microct-datasets/[id]?_format=hal_json

URL Parameters

Parameter Description
ID The ID of the specie to retrieve


"nid": "17",
"view_node": "<a href="" hreflang="und">view</a>",
"title": "Musculus costulatus (Bivalvia)"
"nid": "33",
"view_node": "<a href="" hreflang="und">view</a>",
"title": "Nassarius nitidus (Gastropoda)"


Creative Commons License
The content of the microCTvlab by HCMR micro-CT lab is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

If you use MicroCTvlab in a publication, please cite:  Keklikoglou K, Faulwetter S, Chatzinikolaou E, Michalakis N, Filiopoulou I, Minadakis N, Panteri E, Perantinos G, Gougousis A, Arvanitidis C (2016) Micro-CTvlab: A web based virtual gallery of biological specimens using X-ray microtomography (micro-CT). Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e8740.