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    Homo sapiens

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    Micro-CT was performed to a 3D printed scaffold with mesenchymal stem cells. This sample was fixed in formalin and preserved in ethanol. Specimen was stained with 0.3% PTA dissolved in 70% ethanol. Scan was performed with a Skyscan 1172 at a voltage of 50kV and 201μΑ with an aluminium filter for a half rotation of 180o . This specimen was scanned at the highest camera resolution with an exposure time of 1620ms. This scan was performed for visualising the mesenchymal stem cells on the scaffold. Specimen was provided by Konstantinos Theodoridis (AUTH) and scanned by Niki Keklikoglou.

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    26-07-2018 / 26 (Thu) Jul 2018
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    Niki Keklikoglou
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    SkyScan 1172

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    If you use MicroCTvlab in a publication, please cite:  Keklikoglou K, Faulwetter S, Chatzinikolaou E, Michalakis N, Filiopoulou I, Minadakis N, Panteri E, Perantinos G, Gougousis A, Arvanitidis C (2016) Micro-CTvlab: A web based virtual gallery of biological specimens using X-ray microtomography (micro-CT). Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e8740.